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A lightweight scalable application framework for creating Plivo apps with NodeJS.

Getting Started

npm install plivode

Example: Hello, world!

Listen for incoming phone calls, then answer by speaking "Hello, world!"
var plivode = require('plivode');

new plivode.App({
    appID: '[your Plivo app ID]',
    authID: '[your Plivo auth ID]',
    authToken: '[your Plivo auth token]',
    rootUrl: '[the root URL this app is accessible by Plivo]'
.on('answer', function(params, response) {
        .speak('Hello, world!')

Example: Parrot

Listen for sms messages, then phone the sender back and speak the message three times.
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(949) 484-8425
var plivode = require('plivode');

new plivode.App({ ... })
.on('message', function(params, response) {
    // When a sms is received, make an call to the number that sent
    // the sms, passing the text of the sms to the "parrot" action.
    var callFrom = '[your Plivo phone number]',
        callTo = params.From,
        answerAction = ['parrot', params.Text];

    this.Call.outbound(callFrom, callTo, answerAction);

    // Send a blank response back, so Plivo knows we processed
    // the message and not to resend it.
.on('parrot/:message', function(params, response) {
    // The user answered the return call, so speak the text
    // of the sms that they sent, and repeat it 3 times.
        .speak(params.message, { loop: 3 })

Going Further...

More documentation is on the way! For now, checkout the code on GitHub.